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Your summarized text should be one third of the original text in terms of length.
sun 94Your summarized text should be one third of the original text in terms of length.
Sounds right to me. Although you may also leave out some words.
Your summary should be one third in lengtth of the original (text).
Your summarized text should be one third (of) the original in (terms of) length.

Most people suffer no ill effects from using VDUs visual display units as they dont give out harmful levels of radiation and rarely cause any kind of skin complaint . If you do suffer ill-effects it may be cause of the way you are using the computer and this can be avoided by well-designed workstations. When working at VDU,make sure you keep a good posture and that your eyes are level with the screen.
Under health and safety regulations your employer should look at VDU workstations , and reduce any risks by supplying any equipment considered necessary (e.g. a wrist rest).This should also provide health and safety training . This also applies if you are working at home as an employee and using VDU for long period of time .There is no legal limit to how long you should work on VDU,but under health and safety regulations you have the right to break from the work using a VDU. this does not have to be a rest break just a different type of work . Guidance from the job meaning spending long periods at a VDU , for example as in the case of data input, then longer breaks from your workstations should be introduced.
If you are disabled, your employer`s duty to make reasonable adjustments for you may mean that they will provide you with special computer equipments. You can also get advice and maybe help with paying for equipment from the local job centre.Studies have not shown a link between VDU use and damage to eyesight, but if you feel that using a VDU screen is making your eyes tired tell your employee safety representative. You are prescribed glasses your company must pay for them, provided they are required in your job.
If you have any health problems you think may be caused by your VDU , contact your line manager.He/She has a duty to consult you on health and safety issues that affect you, and should welcome early reporting of any issue.

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Oil and Natural Gas Commission
(ONGC) : In 1956, the Oil and Natural
Gas Commission was established to
search for the deposits of mineral oil
and natural gas and to increase their
production. After Digboi in Assam,
mineral oil deposits were found in
Ankleshwar area in Gujarat. Later,
mineral oil and natural gas deposits were
found in the gulf of Khambhat in
In 1974, the Oil and Natural Gas
Commission started digging an oil well
in ‘Bombay High’ area with the help of
Russian scientists by a drillship called
‘Sagar Samrat’. From 1975, mineral oil
and natural gas began to be extracted
from there. Later, more than 8500 oil
wells and 33 natural gas wells dug
eventually in this area began to contribute
38% of the total mineral oil production
in the country and met 14% of the
country’s demand for crude oil.