1.He's a nice boy and he's very bright but he doesn't do much work.

A bright light shone through the open curtains.

She likes wearing bright colours, but her sister always wears black.

2.The colourful picture should attract the children's interest.

My son will soon attract the majority of the shares in the company.

Be careful! I don't think that branch will attract you.

3.She's always on the spot - I don't know how she has the energy.

He's going to start his own company, which sounds like a smart spot.

Be careful ! They'll be watching your every spot.

4.She set the tray down on a table next to his bed

The teacher set the class some work to do.

The princess was given a neckless set with diamonds and emeralds.

5. The fog and ice meant that it was a very ......... journey.

Business is rather ........ at present but we hope it will pick up soon

You'd better check the time - the clock might be a few minutes .........

6.She had dark circles around her eyes from too many sleepless nights

The thieft escaped with a diamond brooch,two gold circles and some cufflinks.

Only one of the circles on the electric cooker is working

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Dear MaXmOuSe,

It is not «spot» in number 3. Here is a clue:- it is a noun that is like a verb. Emotion: smile

It is not «circle» in number 6. It is something like a circle, however.

You would like perhaps to try again? Emotion: smile

Kind regards,

It is not «spot» in number 3. Here is a clue:- it is a noun that is like a verb. Emotion: smile

A verb of action!
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3 May be walk but I am not sure

5 - No idea

And 6 - arrows
3. No. You do that to your pawns when you play chess, for example.
I don't know may be moment ?
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No... Emotion: smile The first 2 letters are right, though.

And think: what can a clock/watch be, if it's not accurate?

As to the circle one, it's more or less a synonym (makes me think of boxing) And moreover, a circle is not a piece of jewellery...
It's too difficult to me
Ah you've been trying so shall I put you out of your misery?

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