i want to know the one word meaning of the following

- want of rain
- one who pretends to be but he is not
- one who ends in death



me (or you)

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- want of rain - a drought ?

- a pretender

- a diseased

PS Sorry if I've got your query wrong Emotion: smile
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If you mean 'one that ends in death', then the word is 'fatal'.
There's also "lethal".
Lethal means something that induces or causes death, whereas fatal means something that ends in death.
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One who ends in death to me refers to a person, so it cannot be fatal. I can suggest victim and casualty (usu. casualties).
Others may have a different opinion though.
Oh I see. I thought "one that ends in death" meant someone who died. Then it can be mortal also, or deadly, depending on the context.
Oops ! Was it "who"? Then I'd probably got it right from the very beginningEmotion: smile - it's the dead person. And I remember there was a story by James Joy?e called "The Dead".
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Mortal has the same meaning as lethal. Next, 'victim' and 'casualty' do not necessarily mean 'somebody who is dead'. Even if they are merely injured, they can be victim or casualty.
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