Could you tell me which word to use in the sentences please?

- I'd hope that he does/didnt have a better hand than me (cards)
- I want to win it just as bad/badly.
- He has 2 times more money than I/2 times as much money as I.
- Other than you/besides you/apart from you, who do you think is the best player?
- How would you ask someone if/whether/that her eyes are really that color. / What color eyes do you have/What's your eye color/Is that your eye color.
- I'd rather we were 3 people at the table than 5./ I'd rather be 3 at the table than 5.
- We're all about even in points./around even in points.

Thank you


-2 times as much as I

-Besides you

-if...Is that your eye color?

-I´d rather 3 people at the table than 5

-We´re all around even in points´.
Thank you, but I for some reason am leaning towards the other answers, could someone else plese confirm?

Thank you
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alc24Thank you, but I for some reason am leaning towards the other answers
I am wondering. Can you retain all these answers? You seem to ask pretty much the same kind of questions over and over again.

1- I hope he doesn't -(you are atthe table)

2- badly

3- two times more/ twice as much as me

4- Besides

5- You've got to keep the question in a way people can understand. In north America, it's consider a very personal question to ask if someone's eye color is real!

6-rahter have 3 people than 5 at the table

7- We're all about even [in points]
Thank you,

About the eye color, if it is personal, than how would you ask if you were ever to? Which sentence that I've written is best and which aren't good or how would you say it?

Thank you