Please let me know this- what is the One word substitute for collection of feathers?
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PBI:Is plumassary this thing? Then if not, what's this thing called?

That looks like some sort of god's-eye.

Or spirit-catcher.

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Mister MicawberOr spirit-catcher.

I figured it out,

it's called a dreamcatcher, while spiritcatcher doesn't necessarily refer to anything except a

sculpture in Vancouver.
Ah, that's right. I had forgotten the term. My hippie days are long past.
Why does it have anything to do with the hippie culture?

I don't see that point so I'm so confused, though.

This is a gadget that the native Americans invente in their old days as part of their tradition, which they believed would catch good dreams for the person who slept under it(they used to hang it on the walls somewhere near the bedside).
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