one word substitution for Stamp Collection

one word substitution for Coin Collection

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one word substitution for Stamp Collection - Philately

one word substitution for Coin Collection - Numismatism

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Clive -- isn't it "numismatics"?

The terms Clive suggests might well be exactly what the original poster was looking for. However, I just want to point out that they mean "collection" as in "the act or the hobby of collecting," not the actual collection of items that you keep in a desk drawer. If you just asked someone to define "philately" they would probably say "stamp collecting," not "stamp collection." (As in, "My hobby is philately/stamp collecting.") If you want to refer to the actual physical collection (as in, "Would you like to come inside and see my stamp collection?") you cannot substitute "philately."
Khoffisn't it "numismatics"?
That is the word that my link takes you to.

isn't it "numismatics"? I guess, although a collector is called a 'numismatist'. Technically, I believe the hobby can also involve the collection of medals.

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hi....can nebody plz tell me..wat we call a person whole collects different currency notes?
I believe that Clive's post (immediately before yours) holds the answer.

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please tell me
one who lives life in an informal way.???
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