Will the citizens of the world benefit if there is one world government?
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Perhaps in some ways, they would benefit...there wouldn't be as much war and things like that, but no man-made government is ever going to solve all of mankind's problems...there would still be hatred that is deeply rooted in the hearts of men. To remove man's problems, you have to remove the root causes of those problems. And man can't do that himself.
On a philosophical note i would like to add that, we humans though knowledgeable aren't wise for instance u see the exorbitant spendings by developed countries to make all kinds of weapons to kill other humans. Are we going to the stone age again?
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What's the old saying?

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

I do not like the idea of a "One World Government" at all.
Putting all one's eggs in one basket is never a good idea, and handing that basket to a bunch of politicians is, in my opinion, complete insanity!
I have to agree with Conus Lotus on this one.
There will never be one man good enought to rule the entire World.
Look at politician all over the World. Can you find one person who keeps his/her word. Nice words during the election but ones their in the government they have forgotten all the things they had promised. Emotion: sad

No, I don't think it's a good idea for One World Government.[N]
I have to agree with Conus and Molly also. But for as many wise people there are on this earth, there are twice as many intellectuals without common sense and 5 times as many people who are are just plain stupid. So, if you were asking me if there would ever be a one world government, I would say yes if the people with common sense dont reproduce fast. Emotion: rolleyes
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Lets hope Job, that the people with common sense do reproduce fast because if there would come a One World Government it would turn in to a disaster. Emotion: tongue tied
i'm disagree too with one world goverment, cause after all in this world there were so many
kind of people with differents culture, though, and mind.
it's can makes disaster, cause one absolute power hold everything seem to be impossible.
usually in politic, people always lie about what they want to say and want to do.
or can't keep want they said before.
soo if they don't agree about the goverment, what should they do?
against goverment, makes kudeta and new goverment again.
cause it's will never end until end of day, where people are zip Emotion: crying
Whether they believe the Bible or not, I think most people would agree with what it says on the subject of humans governing themselves.

At Jeremiah 10:23 Jeremiah says, in part, "...it does not belong to man who is walking, even to direct his step."


Ecclesiastes 8:9 points out that, "...man has dominated man to his injury."

Do we not see that in the world today? No matter what governmental system is in your country, it can be said without a doubt that they haven't solved mankind's problems, and every government has indeed dominated man to his injury to one degree or another.
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