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Hello Anita,

Thank you very much for your information. I am very much interested to share more details with you. I am Nabin from Nepal. Nepal is close to India and you already have been to India and I am very happy to hear that you are very good with Grammer. If you could come to Nepal you will get opportunies to teach at University and school. I have a language school and teach Nepali language to the foreign people. There are many Nepali people who would like to learn English language very much. You will get various types of offer to do it. Please inform us about your views.

with high regards,


Hi Anita, i'd like to be your student for learning english. I will write to you later and hope you can accept me as your student. Bless me Emotion: smile
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Hello, everyone. Let me join Rosalie in her recent post. I'm in Manila and am interested in online tutoring for anyone who cares to improve his or her English proficiency, whether in speaking or writing -- conventional or funky...! Let me know, dudes and dudettes.

you say, `you are good at grammar`. let me ask you some questions.
1. Why are we using the part of speech, adjective, to compare one with another? why couldn't we use other parts of speech for the purpose?
2. `Enter' is an intransitive verb. why, then, does it carry an object and act as a transitive verb?

warm regards,
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Hi Anita ..
I need you help for improving my spoken english .... How can i reach you via this website
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hi Anita . i want to learn spoken English . can u give me Skype classes . my grammar is not so weak because i studied SAT. i write well in English but i cannot speak well in English . kindly help me.