Hi I'm Anita from California.I teach English in community college here.I taught Spoken English in Hyderabad, India for quite some time.I used to also teach some friends kids spoken English through post over there. I am also currently teaching English as well as preparing material for online courses in Barnes and noble Online University.
I am looking out for more such online teaching oppurtunities. By the way, I am very good at grammar.
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Hi Anita

It’s nice to know about you. You asked about online teaching then I must suggest you to check out this url:

If you don’t mind I wish to be your student as i am so much weak in grammar.

Impatiently waiting for your positive response

Hi Anita,

Nice to make relationship with u.

I want to improve my English skills to test Toefl certificate. If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I really need to do this

See u soon.

Dung Nguyen.
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Hi Raji
I would be glad to teach u.... Please let me know your mail ID. Please contact me at (Email removed, please add it to your profile)
Hello Dung nguyen(how do u pronounce that?)

Please check out www.kaptest.com, www.toefl-secrets.com, www.number2.com (this one for vocabulary), http://www.languagesystems.com/toefl4me/, http://www.myenglishteacher.net/toefl/toeflbooks.html , www.myenglishteacher.net

If u still want anything or have any doubts or want to learn English from me please contact me at (Email removed, please add it to your profile)
Hi Anita,

Thanks for your suppose.

You know, study lonely at home to prepair for testing Toefl is less effectual than study with friends, special with native language like u. So, may be I will keep in touch with you, I think that this is a good chance that I will improve my Engish skills for your showing.

My full name is Nguyen Thi Le Dung, Vietnamse name. You can call me Dung...its mean is a beutiful girl.

How about u? You live in California, I have some Vietnamese friends living and studying there. You may eat much Vietnamese foods. don't u? California have much Vietnamese, right?

Do u agree to become my teacher?

See u soon.

Dung Nguyen.
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Hi Anita

Thanks a lot for your positive response. I have sent you an email on your mentioned address. Please check it out.
Hi Anita,

I sent my email to your own mailbox , please check carefully and contact with me.

See u soon.

Dung Nguyen.
Hi Anita, I have read many essay by you, which made me exciting and decision to be your student, if you dont mind. Due to my interest, I wanna to improve my Grammar while composing.
If you think I have a qualification to be your student, please do not hesitate to contact me by Email (Email removed, please add it to your profile) ( also my MSN).
Thank you for your time ans consideration
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