To whom it may concern,

I recently received my 240 hour level 5 TEFL certificate to teach English as a foreign language. I am passionate about teaching and I have been wanting to become a teacher for a while. After I received my certificate, I started applying for online English teaching jobs. I have no experience in teaching and would like to get experience and start teaching as soon as possible. I am finding it hard to start teaching and finding the right company/school because I am from South Africa and most companies want people from America or Canada. Please could you help me into the right direction to finding the right company or school to begin with.


Hi Jaquline,

I'm in a very similar situation. Also a qualified South African without enough experience.

It seems pretty difficult to get started online without experience. In the meantime, you can sign up to Preply, iTalki and Skimatalk as a teacher (although admission seems to be taking a while). I think that these 3 are the best chances for a South African to start getting experience. If I manage to land a job with an online company I'll come back to this forum and refer you. I don't think that will be soon though.

Good luck!

Hello Jaquline,

Education First have many teachers from South Africa. I worked with them for 3 years. They were very supportive and everything was setup for teachers (online classrooms, PowerPoint lessons, tech support).

You may want to check out - https://englishlive.ef.com/en-us/

However, online schools usually pay lower salaries vs. freelance work (ranging from $US10-20 per hour).

Once you feel more confident, take a look at some of the information published by James Liu on the ESL industry.

If you're interested in online collaboration or have further questions, let me know.

Kind regards, Kayley