A very professionally run English school in Shanghai began operating in 2015. Well financed and intelligently managed, this rapidly growing school is very considerate of teachers and provides a service which is at a much higher standard than usual. For those teachers who have at least 2 years experience and a sincere and animated personality, this may be a great match for you!

You must be able to work online between the hours of 8am and 10pm -especially on weekends, China time. For native English speakers already in Asia this is no problem. For those in the US or Canada, 8am - 10pm Saturday would be 8pm Friday - 10am Sat EST

You must have English teaching certification.

You must provide a 2 minute video, either introducing yourself or demonstrating a lesson.

You must provide any other documentation regarding education and experience.

Pay range is $12 to $20 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications, plus possible demo bonus.

Payment is 2X monthly, either Paypal or bank deposit.

If approved, your application will be forwarded to the manager for review.

Apply to: EnglishHire @ aol.com (spaces in email address added by moderator, as the site automatically removes email addresses from posts. Omit the spaces to get the correct email address)
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I am interested in your job. Kindly visit my profile to contact me. Thank you.
As an ESL educator, it is key that you have ready your lesson strategy for the day. This is since if you join the class without any arrangements, Academic Writing and Editing Services it is most probable that you will lose the attention of your scholars. At the same time, you strength lose your job since persons will see you as reckless and not a decent employee. You should set a decent example to your scholars so that you become to teach them standards that they will need later on, in its place of just the linguistic you are education them.
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What exactly i need to attach in email except for self-video? What else do you require as other documentation regarding education and experience? Currently in working as assignment writer , but used to work in my local middle-school as the part-time teacher.

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