Does anyone know of a good etymological reference online?
I've been wondering the same thing myself.
Though if you want just plain dictionaries, is the place to go. It's not great for etymology, but it's a useful place nonetheless.
What are you looking for, a dictionary?

Then try out this one:
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confuse me? I found it extraordinary. How can a site about Etymological reference have in "the headlines" something like "give your boyfriend lust". lol. By the way what do you call "the headlines on a webpage"?. I´ll definitely save this page as it migh be worth looking at.
LOL I haven't noticed that when I found the page... Emotion: smile
I also don't pay much attention to banners like that - only advertisements in my eyes hehe
I can´t believe you didn´t. Don´t be so shy. I found it funny.
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I found it funny, too - now that you've told me about it ***
I am not shy, am I? Maybe a bit though... ok, you're right: I am shy Emotion: smile
I guess a headline on a webpage is still a headline.
A banner is one of those horizontal ads (with bewildering messages).