what do u think about online-love? Is it just unreal feelings or maybe hopeful?
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I think that there are two types of love:

1. Loving the inner character of the person (his ideas, believes, ways of thinking, ...).

2. Loving the outside character of the person (is he/she handsom, polit, gentle, ...).

I believe that the first one is better (and more real) because the look can change, but the inner character can't.

Chating on the internet may reveal this inner character if the person who is sittibg against his computer is the same one in the real life. What I want to say is that some are pretending that they are good but they are really not. One can never be sure from that. I can't be sure that the person I have feelings toward has the same character in the real life, can you?

Long story short, no, I don't believe in online-love (that doesn't mean anyway or another that I don't believe in love!)[8]

Take care
This can happen. I know the story, when two people from different cities were chatting, writing letters to each other for a long time. Suddenly the boy realised that he can`t live without her support, advice, without HER. She couldn`t do anything with him, he seemed to be crazy. She started to hate him, in fact.

I think that some people can fall in love in the Internet, but maybe it is the result of some problems, which they have in real life... As for me, I can`t say YES, but at the same time I can`t say NO. I haven`t got ane experience.) But I`m not sure that I can feel smth like that!) I prefer real relationships.)
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I think online love only works out if your like Kip in Napoleon Dynamite. jk lol

It works out sometimes, but in the end the 2 people eventually meet each other

or end their relationship. You might be able to make friends like a pen pal, but

online love, is probably the case of a desperate person, is depressed, or of someone

who has never experienced love, hence the desperate person.
online love a hope of finding true love
TeardropI believe that the first one is better (and more real) because the look can change, but the inner character can't.
Now, that ain't true.
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Sometimes a person can lie about his/her character, he/she can describe himself/herself as someone magnificent. Well, this could be done even in real life, but it's much easier to lie when you don't glance at your interlocutor.

But one thing's for sure - you can meet your spouse everywhere - even on the Net! Besides, we all are people, who join the InterNet, that doesn't make us different. The rest is fate - if you are lucky, after numerous chattings you will find your mate, meet him/her or, even more, you could marry! There are such cases. Well, certainly not mine, but who knows - this is my 11th month with my girlfriend and we met on the Internet, chatting. And I really think that this is fate!
I can't rely on online love...cuz u may never know what hides behind the computer screen. Everything is virtual...not real....So i'd like to fall in love with someone whom i've met in my real life.

Online love is just a superficial love...that has a superficial relationship.

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