Can anyone suggest a web page that can help me identify clause types and its constituents. I have an online parser but am finding it hard idenifying where clasues start and finish..

The parse website is http://www.link.cs.cmu.edu/link/submit-sentence-4.html

thanks in advance
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For example, when the mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson published Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland he used the name Lewis Carroll
If you are ambitious then you are bound to take up greater tasks
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What you asked me to do.

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Real beauty is as much an affair of the inner as of the outer self. The beauty of a porcelain jar is a matter of shape, of color, of surface texture. The jar may be empty or tenanted by spiders full of honey or stinking sl ime—it makes no difference to its beauty or ugliness. But a woman is live, and her beauty is therefore not skin deep. The surface of the human vessel is affected by the nature of its spiritual contents. I have seen women who, by the standards of connoisseur of porcelain, were ravishingly lovely. Their shape, their color, their surface texture were perfect. And yet they were not beautiful. For the lovely vase was either empty or filled with some corruption. Spiritual emptiness or ugliness shows through. And conversely, there is an interior light that can transfigure forms that the pure aesthetician would regard as imperfect or downright ugly. There are numerous forms of psychological ugliness. There is an ugliness of stupidity, for example, of unawareness (distressingly common among pretty women.) and ugliness also of greed, of lasciviousness, of avarice. All the deadly sins, indeed, have their own peculiar negation of beauty. On the pretty faces of those specially who are trying to have a continuous good time, one sees very often a kind of bored sullenness that ruins all their charm.

When he heard this he turned pale
Sometime last year,Mary announced her resignation from the Girl's Association.
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If at first you don't succeed,destroy all evidence that you tired
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