If there are any Online TEFL Qualified Teachers, that teach english online via Skype, Yahoo or MSN that are native English speakers, please can you PM me.

I have an overlapping of some students that I can not teach and may be able to pass them on to you, some of them have been with me a long time and reluctant to move so I do need a native English speaker to refer them to as they are used to talking with me. If you are interested I will give you the details and then feel free to decide if you would like to teach them.

With thanks

Hello Kelly,

I can help you with your problem with your overllaping students can you send me the details in my e-mail at [E-mail addy deleted by mod. You can make it available through your profile]

I am Reignhold Rivera a college senior student at St.Paul University Iloilo in the Philippines and I am willing to help you.I'll be expecting your immediate response.Thank you and God Bless!!Emotion: smile
Good day,

I am currently 27 years old and already have many years experience of teaching English to all ages in classrooms and also online over the internet (many years). I am fully qualified in this area and conduct my classes in a very friendly yet professional manner. I have a very fast computer and internet connection and hope that you can pass on some of your students.

I have also had experience in theatre and performance training, which I feel contributes to the energy in my lessons and also my confidence with meeting new students in the classes.

In 2006 I lived and worked in Europe, which gave me great life experience and was extremely rewarding in terms of experience and enhancing my teaching ability.I have taught all levels of English from beginner to advance and love to meet new students of all nationalities.

I like to research regularly and improve my teaching methods and skills to get the very best out of the duration of the lesson. I have some great feedback from students which is very rewarding and I like to be very kind, understanding and allow students to feel they can ask me about any difficulties or problems that they face.

I love meeting new people and am intrigued with different cultures from all around the world! May I take this opportunity to thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Many thanks,

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Hi kelly

Let me tell you that im so thrilled to find such an opportunity to spread my language skills to others and at the same time to get employed as an english teacher, thats why I let my 12 years of experience to this field in order to help you out (personal contact removed. Add it to your profile only.)you can contact me there, thanks for your offer.