Only who…
( A. Jozsef, translation by Pieter, dedicated to my one and only ( literarly) fan on this forum, Maj.)

Only who knows and loves me
Should read the poems that I see,
Who’s sailing in the nowhere, that
Becomes future of a wise prophet,

because in his dreams the silence
appeared in a human form, as wild dance,
and in his heart for a while sometimes
the tiger tarries, and a fawn’s brown eyes.
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Thanks Pete, that's very kind of you. The last line frightens me a bit, though.
Hi Pieter,
As you can tell I am new to this forum!

I was wondering if you or anyone out there could help me?!?

I have been trying to find the poem 'Egy' by Jozsef Attila and am having no luck!!!
I would like the poem in both Hungarian and a English translated version of it...if possible!

This poem means a lot to me as it was the first Hungarian poem I ever read....quite an achievement for me as I am Indian/Kenyan and British and had never spoken Hungarian till last year!

Your help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thankyou...and keep writing (and translating Jozsef Attila's wonderful I can understand them better!)

Take care
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Hi Pieter,

Your translations of Jozsef Attila's poems made me sign up to the!! Nice one!

I was wondering if you could help me in finding one of his poems?!?

The poem I'm looking for is called 'Egy' and it is probably not a very famous poem of his as I am having no luck finding it anywhere!!

This poem means a lot to mean as it was the first Hungarian poem I ever read...quite an achievement for me as I am Indian/Kenyan and British....and up till a yr ago had never spoken Hungarian!!

I would be so grateful if you or anyone you know could help me!!

Take care and keep writing...(and translating Jozsef Attila's I can understand them better!!)

Thanks for the nice words. Do you need the poem in Hungarian?
Now that I have read it again, would you like to know which my favourite line is?
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Yeah, if possible could I have Egy in Hungarian..!

And...! He he...would you be able to give me ur translated version of it?!? (only if u have time though! )

Thanks x
I wanted to post them, both, but my Jozsef Attila volume has dissapeared. I think I need a secretary here. I'll do it soon.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
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