Please help me to confirm the proper use of onto in this partial sentence. Thanks very much!

Information is available by logging onto (or on to) www.site.
By logging on to or logging in to.

I would not use "onto."
Thank you so much. And if I may inquire...what is the grammar reasoning behind your choosing "on to" vs. "onto".

Appreciate the clarification and love this site.
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The noun/adjective is "logon" - Enter your logon/logon information.

The verb is "log on." After you log on, you can...

The phrasal verb it log ON, not log ONTO.
If I may (from Am Heitage Dict):

•In constructions where on is an adverb attached to a verb, it should not be joined with to to form the single word onto: move on to (not onto) new subjects; hold on to (not onto) our gains.

It is an adverb because it can stand alone with its verb: I tried to log on, but could not.

Hi there,

Please could somebody confirm whether below is correct:

The study goes on to say that...

Bob goes on to say that...

Thanks, very much appreciated
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Both are OK.