Could someone please tell me the word which should be used to fill in the blank?

Its hooves were of gold and they were yellow in the firelight and its ears pricked like petals, as though it was ____________ .

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'It' doesn't seem to have a clear referent, Yoong Liat.
I also think that there's something wrong with the sentence. I cannot think of a word to fill in the blank.
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Neither can I.

Some clearly wrong answers (easier to guess):

juicy, bored, thirsty, lonely, worried, cheesy, limitless, maimed, drowning, furry, tongue-tied, on fire, locked out, tied up, individually wrapped, caught in a lie, out of breath, still an adolescent, put out to pasture, sampling the caviar, ground to bits, spaced out, furniture polish, autistic, capable of murder, thrilled to see the postman.

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Just to confirm: Do you mean that 'listening' should be used fill in the blank?
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I think CJ means that the "pricked ears" make it seem as though it were listening.

Though why it couldn't be listening for the approach of the postman, to borrow from his wrong answers, I'm not sure. Emotion: smile
Thanks, Barbara. But do you have any idea what word should be used to fill in the blank? Or, as has been mentioned, there is something missing in the sentence.

Many thanks.
It could be anything! There's not nearly enough information in the sentence to know what the questioner expected. As someone who occaisionally indulges in creative writing, I could come up with a number of things, but there's certainly no obvious answer based only on what was provided.

Using the reference to ears looking like petals, you could say something about it being like flower. (And I wonder why that last "was" isn't "were"?)
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