I posted the below content but no any replies are emailed to me. Please help me!

I am trying to write an open letter for advertising the product of my company but i confused that my word using and grammer is incorrect.

Please help me to correct the following paragraph.

"The development of plastic bag brings about convenience, but a disaster for the earth in the near future, it takes 500 to 1,000 years to break down this kind of packaging. Meanwhile, paper bag have much faster disintegration time and be advantageous to the environment. Therefore, the transition from plastic bag to paper bag is inevitable trend.

In 1996, under the cooperation of two companies CHUBU SHIKO CO., LTD.and NISSHO IWAI PAPER AND PULP CORPORATIONJAPAN PAPER TECHNOLOGY (VN) Co.,Ltd , abbreviated to JPT, was born in Viet nam contributed to supply the demand for industrial paper packaging products for the Vietnamese market as well as neighboring countries.

With choice of Green color as decisive color for our logo , our company expresses to some extent the motto of our company is developing in parallel with the protection of the environment, particularly the work environment at the company, the environment in the activity area and is further that company’s product made by paper products is friendly to environment.

Inherited over 35 years experience in manufacturing kraft paper packaging from the parent company CHUBU SHIKO CO., LTD, established in 1960, is a leading company in field of manufacturing paper bag and a company with long-standing experience in Japan, currently has five manufacturing plant stretches throughout Japan, and being supplied stably and continuously the source of raw materials by the other investors NISSHO IWAI PULP AND PAPER CORP, a company specializing in global trade business of various kinds of pulp and paper products , JAPAN PAPER TECHNOLOGY (VN) Co.,Ltd is one of the leading paper bag manufacturer in Vietnam since its establishment.

Our company's products are all kinds of multi walls of kraft paper bag for industrial, agricultural and food products. We proudly owns a modern production line in Japan technology with capacity of producing in the sheer volumn with high and uniform quality, along with professional management team trained in Japan contribute to stable management and technical expertise in the company.

Over ten years of operation, the company continued to expand the domestic market, our product has met most requirements of the paper bag at the Vietnamese market and export to countries such as Japan, Thailand , Korea, Cambodia, Australia, ect.

In 2008, Capitalization is increased to 3.7 million U.S. dollars , our second factory is established to increase output to 1,200,000 sacks per month to provide various range of paper bag to fullfill customer’s needs.

With the motto from the prestige, quality assurance and the sincerely service , we will continuously improve product quality to meet the increasing needs of customers."

Thanks in advance.
It is actually a very good informative brief, citing several impressive merits of the company.
This was posted on line?
Of the paragraphs, only three and five actually describe the product. That's a long time to wait before getting into the product description. Yes, I am interested in the sea life and the corprate citizenship, but it is the product I am reading to find out about.
In advertising, there is something called, "the call to action." The call to action is the message to act. After reading your ad, I am not sure what it is you urge me to do.

Finally, the piece of writing used in the ad is very good. Please do not allow anyone to tell you different. After reading your piece, I felt ready to invest in the company and wanted to hear more.
I think, perhaps, this is a case of wrong application. Internet audiences have short attention spans. Give them a picture, a price, and a "buy now" button.Emotion: dance
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Hello Ed_shaw,

Thank you very much for your advisement. It's really great help for me.
You are most welcome. I hope you are successful in your endeavors.
Should you rewrite, please post in this thread, so I can see.