Hi teachers~.

I heard 'open run' on the news (here in Korea).

The anchorman said open run means a situation where people wait in a long line way before a store opens for shopping (so they can rush into the store.)

I have looked it up but the definition was different.

Does open run means the situation I describe above?

pen slide 883Does open run means mean the situation I describe above?

After auxiliary do (do, does, did) you must use the plain form of the verb.

In short, no.

I have found only three definitions of "open run", and I list them below. However, this expression cannot be found in any of three corpuses of English: Google Ngram Viewer, fraze.it, COCA.

1. the continuation of performances of a theatrical show while it is still profitable to do so, i.e., without a definite ending date
2. a pickup basketball game open to outsiders
3. a special term in the mathematics of communication networks


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Thank you again for your sincere reply.

It's called a konglish word like SNS, hot place, sign for signature, homecance, etc...