What is the suitable preposition for operates/operated.

The surgeon operates ... patient.

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Full text is required to come to a conclusion. Please provide an example of a surgical procedure.


The surgeon operates on patient - is it fine, Mr. Rao? can I use preposition on here, or simply operates patient ?

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You need the preposition and either a determiner or a plural object:

The surgeon operates on a/the patient.

The surgeon operates on patients.
Many thanks, Mr. Mister Micawber.

- Carthy
How shall we correct this sentence
He has been operated in september.
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AnonymousHow shall we correct this sentenceHe has been operated in september.
He operated in September. (he = the doctor)
He was operated on in September. (he = the patient)

Sentence correction:

a- He has been operated

b-He has been operated upon

c-He has been operated with

Plzz tell the correct one

build class 602Plzz tell the correct one

Please read this thread, which contains a clue to the correct answer.

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