Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy with everything organized and on the correct place.

What is your opinion about this?

It is believed by some that it is essential part in daily routines to maintain cleanliness at offices and houses and keeping everything at their right place. In my opinion, I strongly agree with this statement because it allows peace of mind and saves time.

To begin with, it is in human nature to keep the things and places that are surrounding them clean because it offers peace of mind. Whenever, people observe untidiness, it ultimately disturbs mental peace. As a result, people feel distracted and frustrated from the task that are being focussed at offices and homes. For example, a recent survey in Pakistan found that 90% of the people ,who works at offices, want a clean and tidy place to work because it allows them to focus on their tasks accurately. Therefore, there is always abundance of peace and contemplation at a tidy area.

Moreover, organizing things at the correct place in homes and workstations save valuable time because people do not need to find them here and there and they find things at designated area. In other words, placing the things in areas where they belong not only do inculcate the habit of being managed and organized but also people will not squander time in searching for them. Cosequently, people can concentrate more on tasks without losing precious time on such unnecessary activities. For example,take the example of one of my office colleagues,she always keep her office desk messy which indulges her in trouble because she loses important documents some times and spends her her time looking for important documents.Therefore, the habit of not being organized can create a bad impression on senior bosses.

In conclusion, whether it is home or work stations, in my opinion cleanliness is mandatory because it apparently assists in making things easier,allows mental peace and saves precious time.

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