Subject: Reading books is a waste of time. All the knowledge you need is online. Write an opinion essay.

In today's world more and more people use the Internet. Some of them think that books are obsolete and every information you need is on the Internet. I strongly believe that the World Wide Web is more useful than books.
First of all, the Internet is more comprehensive source of the knowledge. There are billions of subjects about everything. Everybody can find some information for him. The main advantage of this is that you don't have to use table of contents and go through whole book.
Secondly, all the books you need are online. There are existing eBooks and Audio books, which can replace traditional books. For instance, you mustn't go to a library and check it out, you can just download it at home. As a result, it's quicker and more comfortable.
Moreover, the Internet is multimedia. In a book is only a black text on a white paper, while in the Internet are many animations and pictures, which can help you to remember and understood modern issues.
Argument against using the Internet is that it isn't reliable source of information. There are a lot of mistakes made by users. Books have more plausible issues, which makes them better source of knowledge.

I dont't have the ending, but what do you think about that?
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I agree that the Internet is the best substitute for the traditional sources of learning. But there are many people who can't afford the Internet facility. So for them traditional system of learning is best.

Assalomu Aleykum! My name is Sardor.

Personally, I think real book is very useful than Inthernet. We can say that, there are many information resourses in the Internet. However, while reading article in the Inthernet, we spend eyes' light. I strongly believe that computer, tablet or phone will take eyes' light, when we are reading e-books.

Futhermore, we don't increase our knowledge from Inthernet. Because, there haven't got enough information in the article. Our great scientist Sheyx Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf said: You can be aware of only a small part of the subject on the Internet. It will be more beneficial to read the book from beginning to end.

In addition, while learning some thing, you will distract your Computer game our unnecessary chat or every think.

Moreover, In the Inthernet has got many seductive pictures or videos. If you see them, you have sinned.

I can say, Inthernet is not unnecessary. However real books is useful than e-book or Inthernet resourses.

Thank you very much. I learnt many things from you.

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walk navy 270Assalomu Aleykum! My name is Sardor.

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Very helpful

It stupendous , I love it

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Its a good write up,but it must have a conclusion. As you know a write up without a conclusion can not be edited on a book 📖 or novel, so the conclusion is very important to make a good write up👏👏👏🤑🤑🤑 good evening 🌆

I support you write up

Internet is better than textbook

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