Hello !

I am a Communication Trainer (American Voice and Accent), working with a leading BPO unit in India...yes I am an Indian Emotion: smile

I'd love to teach abroad, however, I am not certified to do so, neither do I have a work permit. Today, I happened to come across something interesting on one of the TEFL sites...this is dated September 27, 2004.

"Non-native speakers need at least the CAE (Cambridge certificate of advanced English) or an IELTS 7.5 level of English, but don't necessary need the certificate to prove it. They may, however, be asked to complete an additional language task. "

Yes, thats supposed to be "necessarily"; that apart, can someone puhleeeeaase help me with this...getting CELTA certified is way too expensive (for me) and well, I dont know what to do ....


Aneeta Mathew
Hello Anneta,
Must say I found myself in your positions a few months ago.
I was working as a Trainer for a call centre in Bangalore (not by choice, obviously)..partly enjoyed it since the work related to English, my favourite subject, but when it got far from being bearable cos of the regular BPO woes...working overtime in a non-acknowledging environment, I called it quits and did myself a HUGE favour - CELTA.
I understand it is expensive, but believe me...if you could get yourself a personal loan or even borrow from your parents (I did both), it's worth every penny.
Don't do it in India (there are training centres at Mumbai and Delhi)--they are over-priced, honey!
I did mine in Prague and paid Rs 85,000 for the course, accomodation (which was amazing), and food for the whole month. Apart from this, you have to spend on air tickets, which are dirt cheap if you book a few months in advance.

Get the certification and life will be sweet.
You can basically travel and earn enough to keep travelling n pay off your debts soon!
I worked in Prague for a month after the course and worked in the UK for a summer school where I made about Rs 120,000 in 2 months!
Trust me...would strongly recommend it!

Hey I'm like 16 years old and I would like to know more about CELTA.