I am in the engineering business and looking for a word or term to use to describe our site calls, at present it reads as follows! "Labour Technician site charge including preparation & traveling time". I wish to insert a term or word after preparation meaning the opposite of preparation, namely to describe in one word everything the opposite of preparation, (this would be to describe things like packing all the tools used for the site job away, cleaning the tools, booking stock out finalizing etc.) The description would read as follows " Labour Technician site charge including preparation, traveling & ............. time". Thank you to anybody that will be able to assist me in promoting and using the most striking word or even better by giving me a complete new description of the following term that I am using now. A word that has been suggested is "clean up", but I am sure there is a better and more noble English word to use
Im afraid peter, that i am also unsure of this word. I like your name.

thanX Emotion: cake[bah]

Hej Peter.

Best I could come up with, being in a similar situation, was resolution.