What are some colloquial ways to say the opposite of a snob ?

(I've found modest , humble but these seem formal )

How about down to earth?

As in, "although Geroge is vice president for a Fortune 500 firm, he is a very humble, down-to-earth kind of guy."
Some people thought Senator Kerry seemed like a snob, but President Bush seemed more like a regular guy/ a man of the people. (Down-to-earth is also good.)
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You can also talk about somebody being "salt of the Earth" eg. "They're really salt-of-the-Earth-types, with no pretensions."
The opposite of a snob is a bons.
A snob is someone who extraordinarally flouts his refinement, so the opposite would be someone below the standard. Probably more "a man of simple tastes" or "an ascetic" than just a simple hardy fellow. I certainly think of a snob as someone who shows off by boring you to death with minute details of whatever fixation nobody gives a flying hell about.

A colloquial way to put it would be "not picky", "agreeable", or "unpretentious".

On an interesting etymological note, the opposite of "snob" was once "nob" -- that is, "nobility" (snobs were sine nobilis -- I could have the Latin wrong, but it condenses to "s.nob." and finally "snob"). The snobs were shut out from the aristocracy and have consciously emulated their tastes and fashions ever since
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If you were looking to use the word in not such a nice context, ie: talking about someone in a derogatory way, you might call them 'common'.

He was an awfully common man.
Anonymousthe opposite of a snob ?
Maybe a mensch?

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