What do you call an environment that has very little open area and that the area is covered with bushes, trees and ponds? In other words, what's the opposite of "wide open area" in this setting?

I'm not sure there is one. A closed-in area? A mixed habitat? A grown-over area?
I can't think of one either. A wild area? An overgrown area (interesting reversal from Mr M's suggestion), a park, a natural park, a country park?

I think we'll have to just say there isn't an everyday word in English for an area with lots of plantlife - possibly as in the UK pretty much everywhere that hasn't got concrete on it will look like that. We don't do deserts, so we don't have a special word for the opposite, as that is just normal for us.

You just have to find an appropriate description to suit each circumstance.

Actually, mixed habitat does sound good. There may well be a scientific/biological phrase for this - and mixed habitat sounds like that sort of thing.
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Thanks MM and Nona. I understand that not everything has a word for it but if there's one I would like to learn it. That's why I asked. Emotion: smile
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[Emotion: party]the opposite of wide is narrow because if narrow is the opposite of wide then wide is the opposite os narrow!Emotion: party

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