I know that if a noun is used to qualify another noun, it is usually used in the singular. Example: car show, even though there are "cars".
But if I have a button called "options", what should I do? The option(s) button, the option(s) menu, etc. Singular or plural?
Or take for example "bookmarks". Bookmark(s) toolbar, bookmark(s) options, etc. Singular or plural?

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I suspect they are better in the plural
Me, too.

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If the button actually carries the label "Options", then technically it's the "Options" button, not the options button, nor the option button. If not quotes, then some contrast of font might be the best way to write it. the options button, the options button, the OPTIONS button. Something like that.

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Oh, I see, thanks.
It was more a question about what to say than what to write. For example, if you use Firefox (but this might apply to any other browser), there are several buttons in the menu bar. You can take the one labeled "Bookmarks". If you click on it, a menu shows. Should I call that the bookmarks menu or the bookmark menu?
That's the kind of problem I'm facing. I know nouns used as appositives are usually in the singular, but I'm not sure that nouns used like in the above example are really used the same way (that is, I suspect they are better in the plural).

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