Hi all
There is a question such as the “or so” and “about”.
Please someone tell me the difference between “or so” and “about”.
Thank you.
He's about this tall. (somewhere near/around that height)
He's this tall or so.
He's about this tall, or so.

You need about a teaspoon. (somewhere near/around that much)
You need a teaspoon, or so.
You need about a teaspoon, or so.
'About' is classed as an adverbial intensifier-- you can include it in a prepositional phrase:

'I will see you in about thirty minutes.'

'Or so' is more interesting. It appears to be idiomatic, with 'so' a pronoun representing 'a similar amount' ('so great an amount', perhaps).
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Maybe I can say "or so" is “adverb”
" About" is “preposition”.
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