Hello everybody,

Could you help me, please, I've got some difficulties with the order of adjectives.
My grammar book says :
"When we have more than one adjective, we use this order: Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Temperature, Colour, Material, Purpose, Final noun"
An example could be "A lovely large old round cold blue wooden swimming pool".

In an exercice following these explanations, one was asked to put adjectives in the right order - apparently I chose the wrong order :
"A glass of freshly squeezed cold orange juice" was my solution. But the "correct solution" given at the end of the book says "A glass of cold freshly squeezed orange juice".

Now I wonder why freshly squeezed comes after cold, if it refers neither to colour, material or purpose (you can't say that orange juice is made in order to be freshly squeezed, it is made to be drunken)...
If you look at your order of adjectives:

Temperature > "cold"
Material > "freshly squeezed"
Final noun > "Orange juice"

I think an additional term "nature of" could be added/appended to "material".
Ok, thanks very much.