Hello well I hope you can answer my question, when you go into a cafe what do normal english speakers say when they want a coffee or something? example of an order at such a place. I am trying to stop sounding so broken when i talk in these situations.
Again there are several options here.

'I'd like a black coffee please'
'Could I have a black coffee please?'
'I'll have a black coffee and some toast please'
'do you serve buttered toast?' 'yes' 'then I'd like to order four slices please'

i'm sure that you guys out there can add more to this !
I usually teach 5 ways for requesting information.

1) Would you mind if ........ (polite + quite formal)

2) Do you mind if ....... (neutral language)

3) Could I ....... (again, neutral language)

4) May I ........ (extremely formal)

5) Can I ......... (informal)

All can be used depending on the situation.
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Is it OK to say
'Give me a peperoni pizza" as a command? I often hear stuff like that in movies.
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