I am listed a sentence in a form and would like to know which is the correct grammar format.

What our company is proposing is the provide a link on our website to link to another company's website.

Should the wording be:

Website Recognition – once registered for Career Fair your organization name will be listed as a participant on the 2010 Career Fair Website. A direct link to your organizations website can also be created from this page.

o Please include a direct link to the organizations website. The correct URL is _______________________________________________________.

Is it correct to use organizations or organization's????



Use the apostrophe version.

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why? What is the difference please?
In broad terms, the apostrophe s shows possession. eg the worker's hammer.

The s with no apostrophe indicates a plural. eg The workers are Tom and Jim.

organizations’ or organization's

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anonymousorganizations’ or organization's

How many are there?