Has anybody read anything by Orhan Pamuk, the Turkish writer? I discovered him a few months ago and I am really impressed! There are two books translated in my native language (My Name is Red; and The White Castle) and I think several have been translated in English. To me his writing is a unique combination of down-to-earth story with deep psychological reflections. You cannot but begin seeing, hearing and feeling through the eyes, ears and hearts of his characters. I do recommend it to everyone who likes good literature!
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He is a very famous writer in Turkey. I recommend you "Snow". In this novel, you will learn a lot of things about islamic-rooted political parties, anti-secular movements and headscarf issue in Turkey. However his last novels are very pessimistic.

Nowadays he has very bad reputation in Turkey as his explanations about so-called Armenian genocide and so-called massacre of Kurdish people. He said that Turkish people killed over one and half million Armenians and thirty thousand Kurdish people. I think he said these in order to get popularism and have a good condition through the eyes of anti-Turkish people. He said these without tough proofs. I wish he hadn't said such. However his books are very good.
have a good condition through the eyes of anti-Turkish people

It is very strange to hear that, because the two books I read revealed to me the depth of Turkish soul and mentality and I loved that. He just confirmed my belief that the Turkish people are very close to my understanding of what is good and bad, worthy and worthess, lasting and transient.
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Hi Miche,

You are right. I've read his several books and share your opinions. I don't know you consent me if I say he is deeply influenced by Umberto Eco's semiological approach.
Actually I meant he wanted to get more popular in anti-Turkish people by saying about alleged Armenian genocide and massacres of Kurds. I'm agree with you about his books. I only wanted his ideas about what i said before are not acceptable for Turkish people. I wish he hadn't talked about the issues that he hadn't enough knowledge.

But his books are good, and as you said, when you read them, you can see Turkish soul and mentality.
Hi, Yulysess,
It hasn't occurred to me that there could be some connection but now that you mention it, yes, one can look at Orhan Pamuk's book in this way. I'm not sure he is really influenced by Eco, but I agree that one can see some semiological issues in his books.
BTW, do you like Joyce? (Given you nickname...) Emotion: smile
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Hi, Yukusuz,
Now it's clear. Emotion: smile I'm happy you like Orhan Pamuk's books too. I'll probably have to look for some more of his books here.
Best wishesh!
Snow is the best recommendation for you. You will also have some information about islamic-rooted political parties and their activities...
Sorry, Miche, for answering late, weekend you know.

Yes, I like Joyce and his novel "Ulysess" was my diplom study and graduation thesis in university.

I strictly recommend you Orhan Pamuk's "White Castle", delineates the opposition and final confluence of eastern and western patterns of thinking within the main character's consciousness.

Orha Pamuk "The White Castle". Trans. By Victoria Holbrook. New York: Vintage.
Slobin, D.I and Aksu, A. 1982.

take care
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