The following link takes you to a live osprey camera on an island in southwestern Finland:


Here is some information about the camera:

As the camera is on a Baltic Sea island in the *Turku Archipelago, occasional power supply problems and other technical issues may occur. These are fixed as soon as possible. Turku University and Turku Vocational School are responsible for the camera. The first camera was installed in 2006. Two ospreys named Vasuri and Tilda occupied the nest for seven years (2011 - 2017), but last year (2018) no birds settled for the entire summer. There were several visitors but they didn't lay eggs.

The camera is online 24 hours a day throughout the year. In winter you can observe the changes in the weather, and there are occasional visitors to the nest, such as ravens, sea eagles and crows. The camera works best with the Firefox browser.

If you upload pictures or video from this site on social media, please use these hashtags: #turunyliopisto #turunamk #seiliosprey

There is a microphone at the nest, but it is offline at the moment because of technical issues.

*The Turku Archipelago is made up of 20,000 islands.