what does 'otherwise' mean in the context below?

After Miss Grotke is given a package from Hank that due to bureaucratic incompetence was ordered in the '70s, only to arrive now; she opens a package of otherwise mundane items, until she discovers the last item; a Bicentennial play ball which she gives to her students who become eager to play a game of kickball with it.

Thank you very much for your help.

anonymouswhat does 'otherwise' mean in the context below?

One of the items was not mundane, the ball. The rest of them, the other items, were mundane. Other than the ball, the items were mundane.

I looked in a couple of dictionaries, even the OED, but I am not happy with their treatment of the word, so I can't refer you there. The writer uses it oddly but deftly, leaving the non-mundane item until after.

Hi anonymous,

Do you mean otherwise means 'other than' here?

Thanks a lot.

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anonymousDo you mean otherwise means 'other than' here?

No. The items were otherwise mundane. There was one interesting item in the box, but the contents were mundane otherwise.