Which of the following is correct?

a) Our cakes and biscuits are always fresh.

b) Our cake and biscuits are always fresh.


Cake (a sweet dessert) is countable in your context.

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BulbulTadaWhich of the following is correct?

They both are, with no difference in meaning. I would go with "cakes" just because it sounds better with the two plurals.

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Thank you very much for both the answers and especially for a beautifully illustrated cake picture answer. I agree the all-plural 'cakes and cookies' option sounds better.

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Truly lifelike paintings of some delicious looking cakes, pastries, pies and ice cream! The distinguished artist may have got these made and displayed them under bright lights, which he then faithfully painted in pastels. He might also have painted this from mental pictures which then becomes unimaginable to think. I am no connoisseur of art, but I do have a sweet tooth. Therefore, I can tell you I get a craving for pies and pastries after seeing these elegant paintings! Thanks for introducing to us the works of Wayne Thiebaud.

CalifJimTry this link if you like cake pictures. These are paintings by the modern artist Wayne Thiebaud.

OMG, I gained 5 pounds just looking at them.!

AlpheccaStarsOMG, I gained 5 pounds just looking at them.!


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Trevor Mitchell paintings:

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