Our neighbours

When you make up your to buy a house, of the things you are concerned with are practical, deciding whether you can it or the house is too far from the station. You do not usually get the chance to about the neighbours before moving .
Flats are on the whole houses from this point of view, but we have been lucky. When the old lady in the flat above saw we had a little boy, she was worried. 'I hope he won't make noise,' she said. Fortunately, the man underneath has a full-time in the city, so he doesn't hear Tom running up and down all day. His main interest is the communal garden. He told us when we moved in that we were for mowing the once a month. The young couple who live on the same as us are very friendly; their only is that they are very forgetful. The day we arrived, Betty came to ask us if she could a phone call to Steve at work. She had come out without her keys and couldn't get back to her flat.

(NOTE: designed for upper-intermediate level)

From: Fowler W.S. (2001) First Certificate: Use of English. Edinburgh (UK): Pearson Education Ltd.
Make a phone call, make a phone call..I must remember it!
PuccaMake a phone call, make a phone call..I must remember it!
... which means you scored 14 out of 15, right? Emotion: smile
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Nope, I also got wrong another one..but I'm ashamed about that one, lol.

It was "floor" and I chose "level", could I be stupider?
It's still 13/15, which means "more than 80%", therefore "A". Good job. [Y]
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14 out of 15. I was confused about "before moving house" and "before moving address". Well, you learn something new everyday!
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