"Collapse and capitalism—this captures the sense of many of those who left the party in the wake of Khrushchev’s revelations, the non-options available to them in a world thrown into chaos. Collapse and capitalism: our present of anxiety, depression, and despair in the extremes of climate change, inequality, and the worry that we may no longer be able to afford to live. Collapse and capitalism: our setting of survivors and systems." (jodi Dean, Comrade)

Can you paraphrase the emphasized phrase?


"Collapse and capitalism" is what I call the context in which we will discuss what I call survivors, people who persist in the face of the destructiveness of what I call the systems, the impersonal complexes of actions and phenomena that disregard human beings.

She is a muddy writer, this Jodi Dean. You have to strive to keep up with her because obscurity passes for profundity all too often in academe.