She's the one on the right..

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Btw, who's that, Hitch??!
It's Kitkattail.
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Kitkattail! Where s she from? Aus or NZ, Woodward?
By the way, u have lived 6 yrs in Chile. I guess it's beautiful country with lots of high mountains. Coz Im frond of soccer so all i know about Chile r Zamorano, Salas n National football team that played in World Cup 98 at France. They had a great match with Italy at first round (drew 2-2).
see Y
She is from Canada.
I remember watching that game and suffering. Chile was ahead 2-1 at the end of the second half and a very doubtful/invented penalty was made in favour of Italy. This year the world cup eliminations is going well for Chile. Hopefully they will be in Germany 2006.
Yeah, and then Italy got it back in 2002 with Corea. 2 sent offs. Romania has also had some huge problems in these play offs. Urs Meier invented a pentalty with Denmark in the last match. Romania got it back and was leading 2-1, then in the 95th minute a hand ball scored 2-2. After the same things happening 3 years ago at the World Cup qualifiers a lot of Romanian people here beleve that small nations are not reeally wanted in this business. And if you calculate: 20 000 Danish fans spend about 40 times more at the World Cup then 4000 Romanian fans. How is it in Chile? Do they have the same frustrations towards the Argentianians and Brazilians?
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Where is the photo with Maj?
DON' T ever dream of it.
Aha. Non sei molto bella. Ma non credo che questo sia una problema. Questa non e un porn- site e tu non sei una attrice. Ma tua voce e molto bella. Se e la tua voce.Emotion: smileEmotion: wink
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