Do we have ourself or themself?

I have seen ourself in some texts, but I don't know what the usage is?

And for themself, I have neither heard nor seen.

hrsaneiDo we have ourself or themself?
No. If you've seen them, you've seen something ungrammatical.

Singulars have a corresponding singular reflexive. Plurals have the plural.

I myself

you yourself

he himself

she herself

it itself

we ourselves
you yourselves
they themselves

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Thanks Jim.

I have seen ourself in Hamlet.

I couldn't find it to quote it here, as soon as I find that phrase, I will post it.

I think when someone consider himself very important, use the plural subject pronoun we, and therfore when he wants to use reflexive pronoun, because there is one, ourself is used.


King: we don't like to clean our feet ourself.

I made an Example from myself and I am not sure about that kind of usage.
ourselves and themselves we use for pural numbers. if we have lot of mebers in our group we can use we should do this work by ourselves.....
hrsaneiI have seen ourself in Hamlet.
I don't doubt it. But we don't speak today the way they spoke 400 years ago! That's an example of the "royal we". Unless you are a king or a prince and are trying to imitate the English of centuries ago, you can forget "ourself". Emotion: smile

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