who can tell me the meaning "out of hours "?maybe it's very simple ,but i don't know.
in context:LPG supplies should be turned off at the cylinder when not in use .this is important
out of hours .(the headline is PREVENT FIRE OCCURRING)
The 'hours' are the hours when there are usually members of staff present.

'Out of hours' is any other time.

So if an office is staffed between 8am and 6pm, 'out of hours' means the time between 6pm and 8am next morning.
Thanks for your answer. to be honest with you ,i only get the middle of three sentences, i am
so stupidEmotion: smilebut i know your meaning "out of hours "means anytime ,right ?
i have another question ,staff as a verb means"provide the workers for ..."so i don't understand the last sentense.
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'"Out of hours" means anytime, right?' --- Not quite.

It means 'not office hours', or 'the hours during which no members of staff are present'.

So if your office is open from 9 till 5, any other time is 'out of hours'.

In answer to your last question:

'The office is staffed' means 'the office is provided with workers' (i.e. there are workers in the office).

Sorry I was unclear in my last post.