Jude's parents have split after her mother finds about her husband's affair.
A week later Jude's father comes by for dinner and brings presents for Jude,
since she's going on her first ever tour around Canada.
Jude: Wow, Dad! Camcorder? It's gonna be great for my trip! Thank you!
Jude's father: You're welcome, honey.
Jude's mother: It's a little extravagant. Here Jude looks her strange.
Oh, I guess I'm out of touch with the going rate for guilt. She doesn't
understand his feelings of guilt?
"out of touch" = not up to date

"going rate" = amount of money usually paid

It seems to me that Jude's father has something to feel guilty about regarding his relationship with his daughter, and that he is trying to make it up to her by buying her an expensive present. Her mother is sarcastically alluding to this.
Thanks, Mr Wordy!