If the Rs 40,000 entry fee meant you were on the outside looking in, it's time to rejoice. The show's over. The Indian Premier League (IPL) party, a staple of the Lalit Modi era, has ended.
"The parties will be stopped, " declared new IPL chief Chiryu Amin, leaving those without day jobs, models, or that enviable mix of both, wondering what to do with their nights. Every party has a pooper?
th good reason, say those who agree with Amin, and not because they weren't invited. Indian captain MS Dhoni said he didn't attend a single one. Former cricketers say the late nights take a toll on the morning after on the field. And while it wasn't compulsory for players to show up, players of a lesser stature than Dhoni's were possibly leaned-on, say insiders, to do the rounds.

Please explain to me the emboldened parts.

Source : http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/without-parties-will-ipl-lose-its-glamour-quotient-21171.php
"To be on the outside looking in" is a very old expression, and seems self-explanatory.

I believe in this particular case, it refers to the prohibitive or excessive cost of the entry fee. It excluded people.

"Leaned on to do the rounds" means "pressured to make [promotional] public appearances."
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Thank you Avangi. As usual you are great.

But I can't understand properly what it means "Pressured to make public appearances" .

Does it mean "those people who are not popular were made to work in the event like in promoting IPL"?
I'm not sure what you mean by "the event."

The objective is to promote the league. Famous people make for great publicity.

If the players can be seen shmoozing with celebrities (parties, etc.) it may be good publicity.

Players typically do TV and talk show interviews, etc.

Apparently, the more high-priced players balked at having to make appearances when they didn't want to. So the rule was that these appearances were optional.

However, the less important members of the team had to do what they were told, if they wanted to keep their jobs. So they were "pressured."