Which is more correct?

A. I don't like to eat outside.
. I don't like eating outside.

B. I don't like to eat outdoors.
I don't like eating outdoors.
If someone doesn't like to eat outside home, e.g. at restarants.

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If you don't like to eat at restaurants, then say "I don't like to eat out" or "I don't like eating out." There's little difference between the two.

When you say "outside" or "outdoors" it means not inside a building. Not at your picnic table behind your house, or not at the restaurants tables set outside.
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I'm sorry. But the question was posted 12 hours ago so I thought it wasn't going to be answered!
Thank you! Could you tell me the little difference between the two? "like to eat, like eating out".
There's very little difference between saying

I like eating out and I like to eat out


I like traveling and I like to travel

For some, the -ing form emphasizes, just a bit, the activity itself, while the infinitive makes it more recurring.
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