Starting and running a small business—one that’s both profitable and emotionally satisfying— is a dream that you share with millions of other Americans. Being an entrepreneur offers rewards of many sorts: the opportunity to spread your wings and use your natural talents, the freedom of being your own boss, the possibility of huge financial success, and more. And in an era when job security is a relic of a bygone era, owning a business means you never have to worry about being fired or outsourced.

All this question is about this word outsourced. By the interpretation of a respectful translator, this word in the context means "being temporarily out of work( being laid off)". But thus interpretated, this word has been streched. To say bluntly, it is wrong.

What are you guys' opinion on it?

I think it could mean the employee reffered is sent out of the headquaters of the company to a branch or the like.

Regards. EP.
ecopsyworry about being fired or outsourced.
Having once been outsourced myself, I speak from experience. Someone from another company (contracted to the company I was working for) was trained to do my work. They took my job, and I ended up unemployed.

Since this other company was from a country where wages are lower than in the U.S., the company I worked for saved money by hiring the foreigner instead of keeping me. As it happened, the foreigner was required to live in the U.S. on the lower salary, so he had a lot of financial difficulties what with the cost of living here. And of course I was unemployed. So my company profited while managing to make two people miserable for less than the price of one. I hope the stockholders were pleased.

A charming practice, isn't it?


P.S. Where I come from it's completely standard to say that a person was outsourced (as well as the work).
Here, "outsourced" means that the work you do is contracted out to a third-party company that specialises in that type of thing. It implies that you are thereby made redundant.

This is not a very standard use of the word. Normally it is the work that is said to be "outsourced".
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Thank you, guys. I've now known the use of the word in this way and the situation of you CJ, which seems to me the competition is fierce. But I think it will continue to happen given the poor working conditions here in China, where people tend to be content with very low wage.
ecopsyI think it will continue to happen given the poor working conditions here in China, where people tend to be content with very low wages.
Yes. You must demandhigher wages!!! Emotion: big smile

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