hi all

what does this means?

i heard this word from starcraft community and friend of mine say like that sometime when he win the game

"i owned you"

please explain to me what this means

thank you in advance
It's slang. Often in competitions such as sports (or, apparently in this case, Starcraft), the victor will taunt his opponent by exclaiming that he 'owned' him. It typically means that he beat, outshined, or embarrassed his opponent in very dramatic fashion. Here are some other examples of taunts in which a person might use 'own' to mean the same thing:

You've been owned!

You got owned!

I own you!

Or simply...

It's mainly a slang gamers on the internet use. One of the many words that have evolved in meaning.

A good description is;
The king owns the country.

Which means everything in the country belongs to the king. No one is more powerful than the king.

So, if "I own you", you can guess what that means right?

I think you will see 'pwn' alot too, that means the same thing, just bad spelling. Also things like wtfbbqpwn. That's the same thing, hehe.
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thank you all for the replay

is this a rude to say someone "i owned you" ?

and what is the word of "pwn"?

thank in advance
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pwn = own

And no, it's not polite. But if you want to make your opponent angry then "I will totally pwn j00" is very good ^_^
It's mainly a slang gamers on the internet use. One of the many words that have evolved in meaning.
I wouldn't say it's used mainly in a video game context. I hear it used in all types of competition.

I'll also add that one will often see it written as "pwn3d" (owned).
i can't find it "pwn" word in the dictionary

pwn = powern? i have no idea what is a inital of the word..
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Xess has already answered your question Pdk001.

Whatever, 'pwn' only happens to be a coolest version of 'own', they are interchangeable.


I'll pwn you.

You got pwned.


Hope this helps.

I don't know if I should be linking stuff like this, but since you're a gamer, you'll probably want to know what all the slangs we use in games mean.

Try urban dictionary . It's like a wikipedia dictionary for English slangs and nonsense words.
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