Hi. I wanna buy a dictionary. Currently I have 2 options: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 8th edition and 9th edition. Which one would you prefer? I've checked amazon for 9th edition and I saw a comment from a person who says that the 9th edition has very small letters. Is the case same with the 8th edition? Also both of them include software. Is this software different for the 9th edition and the 8th edition? I've read on the back of 9th edition that is has Oxford iSpeak together with the iWrite. Does 8th edition have it also?


Is this software different for the 9th edition and the 8th edition?

No. I saw 8th edition and 9th edition. In my opinion, 8th edition is better. And cheaper

I am buying the second hand. The 9th edition was cheaper than the 8th edition. I ordered already the 9th edition and now I'm waiting for it to come. After it come I will give you my opinion about it if you want.

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I have bought the 9th Oxford dictionary for Advanced learner and you know it have some differences. it's the software stuck together with the dictionary. In 8th edition It just has Iwriter but in 9th it has both Iwriter and ISpeaker. After the dictionary The producer give us some tips and models that are going to help you Writing and Speaking better. Moreover, they added a few additions like how to use the Oxford dictionary online in computer... I think it good. But I'm kind of disappointed about the quality of paper, it's soft and you must be very careful when using, I haven't use 8th dic yet so I don't know How good the paper in use of the dictionary is?
Overall, Using whatever dictionary that depends on you. They are oxford's dictionary so they're both good in use. Thinking about the aim you make to use dictionary. We mostly use it to look up new words and increase our vocabulary.
Hope you will choose your own good dictionary.