Open almost any textbook of music and it will tell you that Paganini was thought to have been an agent of the devil. Well, I am starting to think that the true agents of the devil are the writers of such stupid textbooks!
To slur someone, no matter how subtly or indirectly, is still slurring - in my view.

Paganini changed modern music dramatically! He drew us out of the dim durges and drew us towards cheerfullness, fun, and vigour - at a time when almost everyone else was peddling gloom.

I have no doubt that many a REAL student of music will differ from my opinion, but I felt compelled to serve this opinion up before the urge waned.

Comments and alerts to other "uplifting" composers are really welcome.




Other "real" Paganini can be easily found on Youtube - though not really very much.



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AND here is some Freddie King! Never heard of him? He taught Eric Clapton more than what he knows!
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Cheerssesssesss Seems to me that Eric Clapton (whos one of Fred's students) got kinda lost on some acid trip between lectures and got kinda caught in time and space.