There are several glasses on the table.

"The pair without rim/a rim/ the rim is mine."

Should there be any aritcle before 'rim'?

Thank you

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Sometimes you spell 'embarrassing' correctly, sometimes wrongly. Remember that the word has two r's and 2 s's.
 Sorry for bringing it back, could you please explain me what the reason for not using an article is?
If it's he glasses' plurality, then what about "The one (ball pen) without a cap is mine"?
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Ant_222could you please explain to me what the reason for not using an article is?
I would have used a. Emotion: surprise
without a rim
without a cap
without a drink
without a care in the world

without a place to call his own
BTW, I could think of this reasoning of the definite article:
There are only two pairs glasses, of them has a rim. So, there's only one rim and it can be called "the rim". And the other pair of glasses is without this rim. Pretty weird... 
Yes. If there are only two pairs of glasses, then there is no doubt which rim you're talking about when you say "the", so I admit that saying without the rim would not make me wince. Emotion: smile
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Just to confuse things, I'm pretty sure I would say "The pair without rims is mine". Two lenses, two rims.
What the heck. Go ahead and confuse things! Emotion: big smile
without rims seems perfectly fine to me, too.
Which is more common, rim or frame when talking about glasses?

and which is better, without frame or frames?
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New2grammarand which is better, without frame or frames?
Didn't you mean "without a/the frame" and "without frames"?
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