Here are some exercises that I use with children at my " one on one" classes some of them can be used in classroom too.

Pairwork exercises for children

1.Group the words:

chair kitchen tail lion orange cheese
cat milk meat cup table zoo

ball tower park street young
tennis houses block hair family

milk juice music footbal shirt
blouse match film restaurant disco

flower radio computer TV man tree
juice CD player grass house drink tea

cloud dog sun lion sky blue
giraffe white fish water

2.Draw a family tree of your partner, your father , your mother.

3.The “ dice” game . – every teacher can make his/her own “dice game”: the areas can be: “ Say 5 pairs of adjective- noun”, “ say six sentences about your room.” Or “ say eight words starting with D.” and so on, depending on the level of class.

4.Which picture is it? A student chooses a picture from an album, the others have to guess which picture is it.

5.Projects with pictures ~ Me and my family, Animals, My ideal home, My school, My ideal holiday, My best friend, Sports etc.

6. Answer and question game.

7.Who learns quicker a stanza from a poem?

8. One word, one sentence. Ex. man ~ The man is running. Is the man there? That is not a man.

9. Ask & answer about pictures ( from homemade materials or other photoalbums)

10.Stop and ask game ~ using video or CD – stopping the video, one student asking about the picture, an other one answers

11.Watch 3 or 4 minutes and then play the question & answer game.

12. To guess : an animal, a job, a sport , something in the house, etc. – One student thinks about something, the other one
( others) tries to guess.

13. The “ word” game: asK~KinG~GirL~LosE~EnjoY~YelloW etc.

14. The “ alphabet chain” game :
Make sentences: I am Bernardo and I like basketball.
I am Giorgio and I like Geography , etc.
Make pairs: sad Susan, good girl
Hungary head, Romania rabbit etc.

15. Roleplays : in a shop, market , at home, in class, with a new classmate, travelling in a bus, at a party etc.

16. Talk about you, your family, school, friends, animals, holidays, free time, your flat, your room etc.
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Why everything you say sounds so poetic?
I didn't say a word.
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Your writings have the ability to make me feel confused. Why is that any ideas?
Why am I hooked on your pieces of writing? I don't think you are a nice guy at all. Sorry to say that.
I just wanted to help beginners in this job and you hurt me.Emotion: sadEmotion: sadEmotion: sad

" Mother-ant' s shouting at her son, a hair in her hand, it's a stick, isn't it?
For two minutes you've been resting here, you dirty, lazy bandit. "
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Me gusta el chocolate,
Me gustas tu,
Me gustas tu coraje
Me gustas tu
je me suis perdu...

alabi alaba alabimomba
Chocolate can be addictive.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
not only chocolate!
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